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  • Why date syrup Crystallized?
    FOR SOME REASON, there is a perception that date syrup that crystallizes has "gone bad" or that it is a sign of contamination. No! It's actually a sign of 100% pure date syrup. Don't throw your crystallized syrup out, unless you like to waste delicious food. date syrup is a super-saturated solution of two sugars: glucose and fructose. Since it's super-saturated, it's a natural chemical process that some of the sugars eventually come out of solution. Crystallized date syrup is delicious in tea, on yogurt, on a toasted bagel, and on oatmeal. It's a fabulous spread glaze for cooking chicken or stir-fry, Three things make date syrup more likely to crystallize: Temperature The ratio of glucose and fructose Let's break down what's happening in your date syrup, and what you can do about it. Temperature Date syrup will crystallize in the hive if the temperature goes below 50ºF (10ºC), and Date syrup will crystallize in your containers if you have a cold cupboard cabinet. Finding a warmer spot to store your Date syrup will slow crystallization. It's fairly simple to turn your Date syrup back into a smooth liquid again by heating it. The best way to do this is by to put your Date syrup in a bowl of warm water and slowly letting it warm up. Microwaving overheats the Date syrup and doesn't heat evenly, so that's not recommended unless you are in a hurry. The simplest way to deal with this is to embrace your lovely Date syrup lumps, and acquire a taste for crystallized Date syrup. After a few sessions of heating and cooling, your Date syrup will loose that wonderful aroma of summer, and just become BROWN sugary goop. If you really must have smooth runny Date syrup, try heating a smaller batch, rather than the whole container. Date syrup also keeps best in glass, rather than plastic, and glass is much better for reheating. The ratio of glucose and fructose in the Date syrup Date syrup is a super-saturated solution of two sugars: glucose and fructose. The proportions of these two sugars make their Date syrup. It's the glucose that crystallizes,

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Some of us migrate from countries where access to wholesome food and clean drinking water is tremendously difficult for a large portion of the population. There, the rich get richer and indulge in the utmost lavish life possible, while the poor get poorer. It seems that the economic disparity continues to lengthen in a never ending cycle, despite the margins becoming infinitely smaller. Economic corruption continues to plague these third world countries, leaving them virtually no room for growth. This leaves a vast amount of the population to starve, remain homeless and suffer, with little room to crawl out of their disastrous condition.  


Our goal with Let’s Feed  is to try our best to reach out to these helpless, starving and deprived individuals.


Let us introduce to you the Let’s Feed. Let’s Feed is a Small business  that aims bring good-hearted individuals to feed the poor and starving essentially effortlessly.  This organization is not based on donation, profit or a fundraising plan. Though the steps are massive, with your support and God’s will there will come a time when every retail store will carry the Let’s Feed Program for feeding a those who is in very much need of food, water and living supplies.


We are a small business, whose focus is to continue and approach the retail market with new and healthy products that contain only natural ingredients, such as our 100% pure date syrup, which is made out of dates alone- no sugar or sweetener added.




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